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Tourism, Environmental and Permitology

Tourism, Environmental and Permitology

At Quiroz Advisors – QA LEGAL we have a team of specialized lawyers who have worked and advised on multiple tourism, residential, mixed-use projects, corporate buildings, shopping centers and condominiums, assisting from the acquisition of the property, as in the entire legal process. necessary for the successful materialization of the projects, through a service based on the “one-stop shop” concept, with extensive knowledge of land law, in the processing of the required licenses and permits, as well as in the preparation of the strategy necessary to successfully achieve the negotiations.

The tourism sector in the Dominican Republic has a special incentive law to promote its development, with beneficial tax incentives. In our office we are experts in the qualification of tourism projects under said legal framework, managing to work on multiple projects during our career. In 2021, we have worked on 9 new tourism projects, totaling USD154B and 920 rooms, also, in the year 2022, we have worked on 6 new tourism projects that total USD$190 MM and 2019 rooms.

The importance of protecting the environment has led to greater regulation and surveillance, which requires the advice of an expert lawyer specialized in the matter. We have expert advisors in environmental regulation, compliance and sustainability and environmental impact studies.

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